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Behind The Brush


Founder Einar Bjornsson.
Born and raised in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Einar’s roots in the painting trade started early when he was hired to paint a small building in Reykjavik at the age of sixteen.

His efforts did not go unnoticed by a local second generation Master painter, who hired Einar to help out and learn the trade.
A painter of heart was born.

Wanting to get away from the long winters in Iceland, Einar decided to move to the milder climate of Seattle where he made his home and further pursued his passion for the painting trade.
He found work for a local contractor, where he gained valuable experience that served him well in the coming years.

Longing for his own venture in the painting trade he formed the painting company Pro Touch in 1995.  Pro Touch quickly became very successful servicing both homeowners and builders. The name Pro Touch became very impersonal to Einar and in an effort to give the operation a more distinctive and personal feel in 1998 Bjornsson & Co was formed.

The Bjornsson & Co mantra has always been to provide the highest quality work within the given scope of the project, whether it is a project that calls for a few hours commitment or a project that is a multiple month endeavor.  

Super Crew
Is our term for a collaborative of painters who are experts in their craft and who are supported by the experience Bjornsson & Co. has to offer.
Einar is onsite a good portion of the time and is extremely involved with his painters from initial prep to the final finished project to ensure that customer expectations are met from start to finish

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